Personal Details
Your Name: Deepak
Partner Name: Jyoty
Your Birth Date: 06 Dec, 1976
Partner Birthdate: 26 Aug, 1977


Physical: 13.04 %
Ganesha feels that both of you may get tired very easily while doing any physical activity together. In case if you are going out together, either of you may not feel very energetic and active. Ganesha feels that you both need to take good care of each other's energy levels.


Emotional: 21.43 %
Emotional compatibility at 40 percent in both of you indicates that you both are though capable enough to take good care of each other, sometimes the boat gets stuck in high tides. This needs to be watched cautiously. Both of you need to work on each other's demands and expectations. If you can meet each other's expectations, even a bigger emotional storm cannot damage your lifeboat. Though this is slightly tough task, at some level both of you have chances to agree on compromising terms.


Intellectual: 93.94 %
This is an excellent combination of `Theo and Sophia'. When spiritualism and intellect work together, they can bring the best results. Ganesha feels that both of you would be able to make each other understand the essence of life. This means that you both would be able to comprehend each other's logics and reasons behind analysis of each practical situation of life. Problem may arrive if `ego' comes in between but still, people like you with higher intellect would not let things go easily and hence there would always be positive approach from both ends to solve the problem with enough sense of compromise and act of balancing.


There can be a strong feeling similar to 'love' between you and your partner. This could be real or illusionary but sense of being in love with the partner would remain there, all through the life. Both would look at it from a very different point of view than physical or emotional. Feelings could be mixed while trying to convey things to each other but the commitment would be very strong and genuine. Both may prefer to live life idealistically, by the Grace of Ganesha.
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