Personal Details
Name: Anonymous
Birth Date: 23 Dec, 1939
Birth Time: 10:00:00
Gender: Male
Tithi: Shukla Paksha Dwadashi



Planetary Details

Planet Rashi Degree Nakshatra
Lagna Aquarius 02:26:30 Dhanistha-3
Surya Sagittarius 07:25:11 Mool-3
Chandra Aries 25:59:56 Bharani-4
Mangal Aquarius 28:59:15 Purvabhadrapad-3
Budh Scorpio 17:01:23 Jyestha-1
Guru Pisces 07:11:52 Uttarabhadrapad-2
Shukra Capricorn 04:20:38 Uttarashadha-3
Shani Aries 01:24:45 Ashwini-1
Rahu Libra 03:00:11 Chitra-3
Ketu Aries 03:00:11 Ashwini-1
Harshal Aries 25:27:33 Bharani-4
Neptune Virgo 02:29:44 Uttarafalguni-2
Pluto Cancer 09:24:34 Pushya-2

Navmansh Kundli

Rashi Kundli

Vimshottari Maha Dasha

Planet Start Date End Date
Shukra 28 Dec, 1920 27 Dec, 1940
Surya 27 Dec, 1940 31 Dec, 1946
Chandra 31 Dec, 1946 01 Jan, 1957
Mangal 01 Jan, 1957 04 Jan, 1964
Rahu 04 Jan, 1964 05 Jan, 1982
Guru 05 Jan, 1982 06 Jan, 1998
Shani 06 Jan, 1998 05 Jan, 2017
Budh 05 Jan, 2017 06 Jan, 2034
Ketu 06 Jan, 2034 08 Jan, 2041

Avakhada Data

Yog Shiddhi Karan Balav
Varna Kshatriya Tatva Agni
Vashya Chatushpad Varga Mrig
Yoni Gaja Gana Manushya
Yunja Purva Nadi Madhya


Your approach to the world does not conform to tradition, says Ganesha. You have an eccentric way of looking at things. You have compassion for fellow human beings and like to be innovative in your ways. With a feeling for the under dogs, you could rebel arrogantly if people don't agree with your idiosyncratic ideas. You are highly observant and have a scientific temper. Your unconventional ways could give you new insights into people and things. People may be piqued by your abnormal methods of doing things. You must learn to pay heed to good advice, advises Ganesha. Ganesha is proud that you are thorough bred professionals!


The mantra given above are to be recited 21 or 108 times on a daily basis.
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