Your Astro Details :
Date of birth:- 6th September 1973
Time of birth:- 11 hours 35 min.
Place of birth:- Nagpur, Maharashtra, India

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Money Gemstone Report
Your question
I wish to increase my fiscal strength. Please suggest a gemstone.

Astrological Highlights in your horoscope
Anonymous, you are born with Scorpio Ascendant. Jupiter and Venus are debilitated in your chart. Sun and Mars are Swagruhi. Jupiter is retrograde.

Astrological factors involved(if there is a query)
In a horoscope, 2nd house rules finance and related matters. Some other houses of the horoscope also contribute to this factor.
Ganesha observes that Jupiter the Lord of the house of finances is debilitated and retrograde in your chart.

Answer to your query
Looking at your birth and divisional charts, it is highly advised that you wear Yellow Sapphire (Pokhraj) of 5 carats (grade 1). You should wear Yellow Sapphire on a Thursday morning within 1 hour of sunrise after conducting a small Pooja. You should wear it in right hand first finger after getting it embedded in golden ring. Alternatively, you can wear it as a pendant in golden chain.

Anonymous, We are in a position to provide you with an authentic certified Yellow Sapphire along with detailed instructions of how to conduct the Pooja and a Mahurat to wear the same. Just call us on 0091-79-6160-4140 (10.30 AM – 7.00 PM IST) or send us an email on and we will take care of the rest of the process for you.

Important planetary influences in the near future
You may face high tides and low tides at career front during 2013. Just Ask A Question to expert astrologers of 'The GaneshaSpeaks Team' for further guidance regarding your future.

Good luck and may Lord Ganesha bless you.

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