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2013 Basic Overview Report
A pivotal shift in your life is indicated in the year 2013. Change is inevitable and demonstrating flexibility is a must. Career changes, relocation, transfers, domestic issues may form the theme of the change. Willingly or unwillingly, you may also change your routine and may become more vocal regarding your thoughts. Be careful about the people you meet and those with vested interests. Strive to know yourself better this year, and it shall bring you great gains. Work to achieve a fine balance between your own self and the outer world.

Love Life
New friendships and relationships are indicated in the year 2013. Singles may find love this year and those already committed may find love again in the same person. Loyalty and sincerity will be the cornerstones of your relationship. If you have begun a new relationship this year, it is not a conducive time to go for the next step this year. On the other hand, it is the right time to evaluate your relationship in all aspects. Committed relationships shall get strengthened this year.

Job and Career
Career matters may remain on the forefront in the year 2013. Your ambition for career growth will make you extremely focussed. However, in your path to progress, you may end up behaving behaving rudely and without any mercy, which may lead to clashes and ego tussles with your superiors and colleagues. Some lucrative opportunities may come to you, but they will take their own sweet time to fructify. If you maintain your cool and remain patient, things shall work in your favour. Plans for those who want to work abroad may get realized this year, promises Ganesha.

Business prospects may not look very encouraging, at least initially. You may need to maintain a slow and steady pace to finally emerge a winner. Take small-small steps at a time, don?t rush and avoid sudden, untrustworthy partnership deals. Even if your circle is small, there is no harm. Do not commit anything unless you are sure to fulfil the promise. Don't start work on a large project, unless you are sure of your resources and the requisite backing. You should not block all your money while investing in a particular business., and should rather set aside a considerable sum for probable crisis situations.

Until and unless you are sure of your financial strength, you should avoid spending more money buying luxuries like additional real estate or expensive vehicles. You should not engage yourself in speculation of any kind. Later in the year, your expenses on travel, healthcare and comforts may increase. But you are fortunate enough since the sources of your income too look set to increase correspondingly, says Ganesha.

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